Narendra Modi tweets a selfie with his mother on Election Results 2014 day


BJP’s Primer Ministerial candidate has tweeted a selfie with his mother. Earlier today, he posted a victory tweet, which has since become his most retweeted tweet.

The tweet shows a photo of Hiraben, Modi’s mother, blessing her son. It is captioned, “Sought blessings from my Mother.” At the time of filing the story, the tweet has seen more than 5,400 retweets and 6,000 favorites. As things currently stand, the BJP is set to get a decisive majority, and with its allies, it will accrue more than 300 seats.  It needs 272 to form the government.

This is not the first time Modi has posted a selfie. Earlier this month, Modi tweeted a photo of himself holding the party symbol — a metal lotus — with his inked finger. While the selfie got 3,760 retweets and 3,163 favorites, it also attracted the Election Commission’s ire. A FIR was filed against Modi.

Check out Modi’s selfies below: