Nearly 50 percent of Indian computers affected by virus between April and June 2013: Kaspersky


Security expert Kaspersky has published a report detailing the threats Indian users had to face this year. The data was collected between the months of April and June and includes security threats from spam, viruses and malware among others.

Starting with viruses, nearly 49.6 percent of users in the country were attacked by a virus having used an infected DVD or USB drive. India ranks 10th in the world as Kaspersky recorded about 53,974,712 such attacks in those three months.

Then there are attacks due to dangerous Internet surfing habits. In that three months, over 35.6 percent of users were affected having either visiting an infected website or downloaded a malicious file. Kaspersky detected about 19,938,954 such incidents and has ranked India 15th in the world in terms of the number of attacks.

India is also be big source of spam messages and emails and is again ranked 10th in the world by the security experts. About 2.52 percent of spam mails are sent from computers or servers based in India.

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