> > Nestle's KitKat Android contest winners in India shortchanged, get last year's Nexus 7

Nestle’s KitKat Android contest winners in India shortchanged, get last year’s Nexus 7


Apart from tying up with Google for naming the latest Android version as KitKat, Nestle also produced 50 million special editions of the chocolate bar with a special Android wrapper. Buyers in 19 countries, including India, could send a code printed on the wrapper and stand a chance to win the “all new” Nexus 7 tablet. Nestle was giving away 1,000 tablets but the winners got a shock when they did not receive the “all new” Nexus 7 (2013 edition) but the one launched last year, as reported by one of our readers.

Meanwhile, Nestle is reportedly giving away the latest Nexus 7 2013 edition to winners everywhere else. The company has tweeted on its KitKat India account that it had started the contest in September while the tablet launched only in November in India.

This explanation is a bit weird considering that the company is otherwise giving away the latest edition of the tablet to winners in other countries. Let’s hope Google India takes notice of this and does something about it.