New features of Gmail for Android seen in purported Android 4.2 leak

Rumors of an incoming LG Nexus smartphone are gaining steam by every passing day. Along with the phone, rumors about the next version of Android codenamed 4.2 Key Lime Pie are getting equally rampant. The guys at Android Police claim to have gotten their hands on Android 4.2, which comes with a revamped Gmail app that has some cool new swipe gestures and pinch-to-zoom features.

They have even posted a video of the new app, that showcases Android multi-tasking like swipe to delete gestures and the ability to pinch-to-zoom inside a mail.

Back in July, Google had purchased Sparrow, the company behind the award winning Sparrow app for OS X and iOS. The idea was to bolster the Gmail team and improve the overall Gmail experience across all platforms. One cannot help thinking whether the Sparrow team had anything to with this update. That said, the enhancements introduced in the purported new app are essentially additions from core Android features.


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