New photos of Sony Ericsson Windows Phone prototype surface

Some new photos of Sony Ericsson’s Windows Phone prototype have surfaced, which was last seen at the CES, reported by us earlier. The new photos confirm a slide-out QWERTY keypad as speculated earlier. The last Windows Phone device Sony Ericsson had launched was the Xperia X1 in 2008, post which the vendor had sworn off the platform and focused exclusively on Android. We are not sure at the moment whether this one is an old prototype or Sony is actually planning to use Windows phone as its alternative OS. The strategy of shifting to alternative platforms is sort of trending among the handset vendors. Recently, we heard that Samsung might also be preparing to use the product of the Bada and the Tizen as its secondary OS with Android being the primary one. It would be interesting to see Sony promoting Xbox titles in place of its own PlayStation branding if it makes use of Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS.

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