> > New Tumblr tool lets you link people's profiles in posts

New Tumblr tool lets you link people’s profiles in posts


Tumblr has reportedly added a long-awaited Facebook and Twitter-like feature to mention specific usernames to posts that links to the user’s profile and shows up a new notification inside Activity page.

Users can now use the ”@” symbol followed by a specific user’s name and Tumblr would display an auto-populated list of usernames to choose from so that one can directly refer to that person’s profile when writing about them.

According to The Verge, under Yahoo’s ownership, Tumblr is slowing moving away from the humble approach it had to quick user posts and photos, the blogging site is turning into a social network, complete with notifications page, user profiles and a news feed.

Tumblr already has the people-tagging feature with hashtags, but the recent update allows users to just save a few clicks and provide for a direct link to a user’s profile.