Next-gen Xbox will need to be connected to the Internet, won’t play used games: Report

The buzz surrounding the next generation consoles is gathering incredible momentum. Sony has already invited the press to an event on February 20 where it will in all likelihood unveil the next PlayStation console. Today a report even stated that the PlayStation 4 could have a starting price of $400, which is much lesser than what the PS3 had to begin with, but things have been rather quite on the Xbox side of things. After last years gargantuan leak, not much has come out in the open. But today there is some news courtesy The Edge, which basically reaffirms the notion that Microsoft will not allow users to play used games on the console, hence landing a crippling blow to the video game rental and used game market.

The report cites multiple sources that have had ‘first-hand’ experience with the console and it claims that it will require to be tethered to an Internet connection all the time to check disk registration in order to function. This also has multiple advantages in curbing piracy. While the PS3 lagged the Xbox 360 in sales, due to its Blu-ray technology, pirates were discouraged and even today pirating games for the PS3 is not easy, on the other hand the software for the Xbox 360 can be easily pirated.

Finally, the report also reconfirmed the specs of the console. Reportedly it will have an 8-core AMD CPU, which will have a clock speed of 1.6GHz, 3D11.x 800MHz graphics and 8GB of RAM and also a new Kinect. The product is expected to be unveiled at E3 in June 2013.


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