Next Microsoft Office is codenamed ‘Gemini’, to release in two phases: Report

Microsoft it seems, is not only working on a new Windows OS called the Windows Blue, but is also simultaneously working on a new version of its Office, according to a report on ZDNet. This updated version of Office is currently codenamed ‘Gemini’ and according to the report is slated for release sometime around September.

The Microsoft Office Gemini will be released in two phases with the first phase releasing along with Windows Blue and will only introduce updates to the current versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. Phase two on the other hand will bring with it further changes most important of which will be converting the above apps to Windows Metro UI.

The report further states that Microsoft is also planning to develop a touch version of its Office. This means that apart from obviously targeting the Windows RT platform, we can also expect Office on Android and iOS devices soon.

Currently, the Redmond-based company is updating and trying to make people shift to Office 365 which it recently launched.