Nexus 5 black variant sold out on Google India’s Play Store hours after launch


Merely hours after launching the Nexus 5 in India yesterday, Google seems to have run out of stock of the black variant of the Nexus 5 on its Play Store. Both the 16GB and 32GB variants of the black Nexus 5 were displayed as being out of inventory a few hours after they were made available. Meanwhile, the white variant continues to be available in both 16GB and 32GB capacities that would leave the warehouse in 1-2 days after booking. At the moment, it is unknown how many units of the Nexus 5 Google has already sold in India.

UPDATE: The Play Store page is now letting people buy the black variant but says it will ship from November 29 onward only.

The Nexus 7, which was also launched simultaneously, is available as well. For those desperately looking to buy the black Nexus 5 can try their luck at their local LG dealership as the Korean smartphone vendor is also retailing the smartphone in India. However, LG has priced the Nexus 5 Rs 1,000 higher than Google’s pricing with the 16GB variant available for Rs 29,999 and the 32GB variant at Rs 33,999.

Were you able to buy the Nexus 5? Let us know in the comments below. Those still on the fence can check out our review here.

  • Abhisek

    Rs.1000 higher at lg shoppe because that package includes headphones.

    • Varun

      I have heard that play store packaging also include headphones.

  • Abhisek

    I think it dsnt. The website has no mention of it. Wud b glad if some play store purchaser confirms :)

  • getsrik

    Saw the news here, purchased it, before buying play store said it will be shipped in 1-2 days but after payment it said 4 days, but it was shipped today i.e. in 2 days.

  • Manjiri Barve

    I was lucky enough to get the 16 GB Black Nexus 5 on PlayStore right on the first day.. Recd it within 2 days and was pleasantly surprised to find a fairly decent pair of earphones..