Nokia’s cancelled Windows RT tablet leaked

Nokia’s rumored Windows RT tablet has been leaked as five images of the tablet were posted on the Naver Café forum. This was spotted by the Verge which has also managed to confirm that this tablet was scheduled to launch earlier this year but the project was cancelled.

The Verge claims that its sources have confirmed that the images are genuine. The photos showcase a tablet that has a unique connector which is pretty similar to the magsafe connector used by Apple on its MacBooks and the one used by Microsoft on the Surface tablets.

Additionally, it has been revealed that the tablet was powered by the Nvidia Tegra 3 processor, which also powers Microsoft’s Surface RT. The images also depict HDMI and USB ports alongside a SIM card slot. Interestingly, this tablet also supported LTE. The person who posted the photos claimed that he got it from someone at Nokia as a gift.

The combination of the poor sales of Windows RT based hardware and Microsoft’s entry in the hardware space could have prevented Nokia from launching the product.

Additionally, the Tegra 3 powered Surface RT tablet was said to be a poor performer and had only average battery life, which would not have made things easier for Nokia, considering this tablet also used the same chipset.

Notably, there is no word on the rumored keyboard dock that was also supposedly in the works.

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