Nokia 3310: 10 crazy things people did with the indestructible feature phone from 2000s

‘The Chuck Norris of mobile phones’


It has taken a bullet, got itself sliced under a Katana, taken up a freeze test, drop test, boil test and yet, yet the Nokia 3310 is considered the most indestructible mobile phone ever made. Launched in 2000s, the feature phone sold over a 100 million units for its impressive durability, highly addictive snake game, and not to forget a battery that lasted good 10 days.

Cut to the year 2017 and the legendary Nokia 3310 is rumored to make a comeback at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona this month. Will it be a smartphone with a touch screen? Or will it be an Android feature phone with 4G VoLTE support? Well, we don’t know about all that but what we do know is that the original Nokia 3310 has survived so many crazy tests that it has now become a benchmark for itself. If at all HMD Global, the company behind building and selling Nokia-branded phones from now on, is considering paying a tribute to the iconic Nokia 3310 with a 2017 version, they must take a trip down the fiery lane to know what the level of nostalgia and hopes, Nokia lovers might have.

1. 20mm rifle challenge

The usual job of a 20mm rifle is to, well, destruct vehicles, buildings, or such hard targets. Now imagine the weapon pointed at the ‘nearly’ indestructible Nokia 3310.

2. Slicing with a Katana

This video reads ‘Don’t try slicing Nokia 3310 with Katana,’ and the crazy vloggers mean it. Do we need to tell you which one of the two got injured first?

3. Nokia 3310 vs Apple iPhone 6s

The Nokia 3310 is famous for being an extremely fast phone. But what happens when it is tested against the fairly new iPhone 6s? Hint – it’s embarrassing.

4. Hydraulic Press

Nothing is more satisfying than watching gadgets getting crushed like a candy under hydraulic press. These vloggers attempt to crush the Nokia 3310 into a lump of plastic and let’s be honest; it took two attempts to do the job well.

5. Till fire do us apart

Watch the red hot nickel ball engulf a brand new Nokia 3310 in all its fiery love. Consummation of the word – indestructible. ALSO READ: Nokia 3, Nokia 5, Nokia 6 and a reincarnated Nokia 3310 rumored to be showcased at MWC 2017

6. How about a little Liquid Nitrogen?

After two other drop tests, these vloggers can’t get enough of the crazy testing and dunk the ‘brick phone’ into a pool of liquid nitrogen. Bye, bye mister tough phone.

7. To blend or not to blend, that’s the question

Ever felt so annoyed with your constantly low on juice ‘smartphone’ and wanted to actually throw it into a blender? Guess what, the Nokia 3310 has been there, seen that.

8. Shred it away

Down to its last grain. This vlogger used industrial shredders to take down not one but eight of the Nokia 3310 phones to see what happens.

9. Drone drop

Another extreme test; in this video the ‘Chuck Norris of mobile phones’ is dropped from a height of 1,500 feet using a drone. The impact is palpable.

10. Run it over with a train

A beautiful misty morning, an approaching train, and the Nokia 3310 awaiting its destruction on the tracks; what a way to achieve sainthood!

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