Nokia acquired Smarterphone in November for feature phone OS


Reports are emerging that Nokia had acquired Smarterphone, a company that specializes in feature phone OS and enables Facebook, YouTube and other popular services on basic phones. The acquisition took place in November last year, though Nokia has not yet issued a press release or statement about the deal. Last heard, Nokia was working on its own feature phone OS, Meltimi, to replace its Series 40 OS.

Smarterphone provides a complete and licensable software solution for mass­market smart phones, Smarterphone OS, pre­integrating all software components and applications, enables manufacturers to rapidly create low­cost handsets with features and functionality similar to that found in expensive high­ end smartphones. The solution is turn­key, whereby Smarterphone takes the software through all phases all the way up to carrier acceptance.

It could be a case where Nokia figured out it would be easier (and faster) to acquire an existing platform than developing something of its own. This is not the first time for Nokia to do such a deal as it shelved its own next-gen platform, MeeGo, and opted to go with Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS. Yesterday, rumors indicated Microsoft was looking at acquiring Nokia’s smartphone biz, which would leave Nokia with just its mobile phone division, Navteq and Nokia Siemens telecom network business. Last year, Nokia outsourced Symbian to Accenture.

Industry insider and analyst, Eldar Murtazin, chips in with his two cents. He believes that Smarterphone OS will replace S30 while Meltemi will take care of S40.


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