Nokia Asha 310 announced, first Asha dual-SIM with Wi-Fi

Nokia has announced the Asha 310 in Dubai. Notably, it becomes the first Asha device to feature dual-SIM capabilities and support for Wi-Fi networks. Other key features of the Asha 310 include a scratch less capacitive display, 17 hours of talk time, 25 hours of standby time, and easy swap SIM.

As far as the core specs of the device are concerned it has a 3-inch scratch proof capacitive display, a 2-megapixel camera, and will come with a 4GB memory card. It will be available for $102 (Rs 5,494) in Asia, India, the Middle East, Africa and Brazil starting Q1 2013.

Other frills that Nokia delivers with the Asha 310 is a YouTube player, the Nokia Xpress browser, 40 free games from EA, Nokia Maps, Nokia’s nearby web app, access to apps like FourSquare on the Nokia Store, a gamut of social networking apps.

Looks like Nokia is trying to ramp up the capabilities of the Asha brand thick and fast considering they are marketing it as a smartphone. Nokia says that its has sold 16 million Asha device, across 14 devices and in India the Nokia store sees 80 million downloads per week.

Disclosure: Nokia paid for our travel and stay in Dubai to attend their regional round table.

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