Nokia HERE maps are now available for iPhone and iPad, we go hands-on

Nokia’s location and navigation app, HERE, is now available on Apple’s App Store for iPhones and iPads. The app enables users to find local places, get directions and even some navigation but it isn’t really the navigation solution we were hoping Nokia would launch. It does not have many features that Nokia Drive does on the Windows Phone platform.

For starters, the offline mode is pseudo offline maps where users can choose an area on the map and download that particular area, similar to how Google Maps allows offline maps. However, users can only store map data for one area at any given time and downloading another area would replace the earlier one.

Also, it only gives turn-by-turn voice navigation in pedestrian mode. In other modes it only shows directions. This is by no way a review, but in the few minutes we have spent with the app, it looks and works just like the web app version that went live last week rather than a native app. But then that was to be expected as Nokia would not like to cannibalize its Windows Phone smartphones, where Navigation is a big part of the entire experience story.

You can download the Nokia HERE maps app for iOS from here.

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