Nokia Lumia 2520 sales suspended due to issue with faulty charger


Lumia 2520 sales have been suspended after Nokia found a fault with the tablet’s charger. Nokia has asked people to stop using the AC-300 charger bundled with the tablet immediately.

According to Nokia, in some cases the plastic cover of the AC-300 charger could have come loose and exposed the internal components thereby endangering the user. While the charger is plugged in, it could electrocute the user. Nokia reiterates that the charger is manufactured by a third-party and none of its other chargers are affected. Though no incidents have been reported, Nokia is suspending the sales as a precautionary measure.

nokia-ac-300-chargerSales of the tablet have been stopped in countries like UK, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Russia and Switzerland. Though it continues selling the tablet in the US — after replacing the charger — it has stopped shipping the charger which is was being sold as the Lumia 2520 Travel Charger.

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