Nokia Lumia 510 launched with Windows Phone 7.8 out of the box

Nokia is launching the Lumia 510 in India with Windows Phone 7.8 running out of the box. We have a Lumia 510 with Windows Phone 7.8 and we can confirm it offers most of the new experiences that come with the Windows Phone update. The biggest one of these updates is the new homescreen in which tiles can be resized to three different sizes, just like Windows Phone 8. Windows Phone 7.8 also brings the functionality to share files over Bluetooth, a ringtone maker app  and many more add-ons. It will also have the new camera lenses that Nokia is providing to all Lumia smartphones as part of the update.

The Lumia 510 is the only smartphone to get Windows Phone 7.8 in India. However, at the moment Windows Phone 7.8 update won’t be available as an OTA update to existing users and will only be available to those who buy the smartphone with the new OS out of the box. Microsoft had earlier announced it will provide Windows Phone 7.8 update to existing users in early 2013. Something tells us that the update roll-out is not very far off!

We will be sharing our Windows Phone 7.8 experience soon. Do let us know in comments if there is anything specific you’d like to know about this update and we will try and include it in our experience walkthrough.

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