Nokia Lumia 710 for India has a microSD card slot?

When Stephen Elop called Nokia’s Lumia series the first “real Windows Phone” devices, little did we realize that it could also translate into the first Windows Phone 7.5 smartphones to sport a microSD card slot too. While there is no mention of the Lumia 710 having a microSD card slot for its European and US variants, Nokia India’s web page claims it can support up to 32GB external memory card. We believe it can mean either Nokia will get a special version of the 710 for India or someone did not proof read the text before uploading it. We are leaning towards the latter but stranger things have happened in the past and this could be one of them. The Lumia 710 will be launched in India later this year and has 8GB of internal storage memory. It is expected to be priced at Euro270 before taxes and subsidies.

Hat tip to Varun.

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