Nokia Lumia 720 and Lumia 520 press shots leaked as MWC approaches

Nokia is expected to launch a few devices at MWC later next week, but the very reliable @evleaks has the jump on the Espoo-based company by leaking press shots of the rumored Lumia 720 and Lumia 520 Windows Phones on Twitter.

Design wise both the devices continue Nokia’s tryst with funky color pallets and removable back panels. The Lumia 720, actually looks very similar to the Lumia 820, save for the fact that it has a curved glass display. The back of the device according to the leaked image shows a Carl Zeiss branding for the camera and there are also three dock contact points which could point towards some wireless charging solution. The Lumia 520, looks similar to the Lumia 505 which was released in Mexico. It also retains Nokia’s signature design language.

Looks like these phones are set to be unveiled at MWC and we must admit @evleaks has a sterling record when it comes to leaks. Previously he has been bang on with the leaks of the Lumia 920, the HTC One and the Sony Xperia Z.

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