Nokia Lumia 920 is not launching in India in November [and it is not delayed]

Earlier this month Nokia sent out this global press release that stated it will launch the Lumia 920 in India in November. This took us by surprise as all our sources had indicated that Nokia would launch the new Lumia smartphones in India later and not in the first wave.  And that remains to be the case. Nokia is not launching the Lumia 920 in India in November as it had always planned. So what happened? Read on…

Turns out India wasn’t supposed to be mentioned in that press release and it was an error. A Nokia India spokesperson has confirmed the same to BGR India and Nokia India will announce the availability details as soon as they freeze on the launch date. We were told by our sources that the phones were currently being tested extensively with all carriers in India to ensure that they don’t face any issues after the launch.

It was an unfortunate error on Nokia’s part to include India in the list of countries but it is always better to have some clarity on the launch timeline. Yes, the extra period of wait could have been avoided but we would rather have a product that works well on our carriers than having to wait for a software patch after buying the device.

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