Nokia Lumia Storage Check beta app released, gives users more control over managing their phone’s memory

Earlier this month, Nokia launched an alpha version of the Lumia Storage Check, an app that lets users check how much of one’s phone memory is in use and also allows them to manage it. The Finnish company has now released the beta version of the app, which gets new features and gives users more control over their phone’s memory.

The Lumia Storage Check beta introduces a new sorting order, where apps on the phone are listed according to their size and type. Office documents, photos, videos and audio files are all sorted in separate categories. Besides apps and multimedia files, the Storage Check also displays storage information for emails and contacts, ringtones and system related information.

In addition to displaying information, Lumia Storage Check beta also gives users the ability to manage their storage by allowing them to look at and delete temporary files, and also more importantly transfer the offline maps to a microSD card to clear up the phone memory.

The app currently only works for Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 with firmware 1232.5957.1308.0000 or higher, and Lumia 520, Lumia 620 or Lumia 720 with firmware 1030.6407.1308.0000 or higher. If you have one of these devices with the said firmware installed, head over to Nokia’s Beta Labs and download the Lumia Storage Check beta for free.

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