Nokia moves its manufacturing to Asia

Nokia has announced its plans to restructure its manufacturing operations that will witness changes in its plants at Komarom, Hungary, Reynosa, Mexico and Salo, Finland. The three facilities will now focus on customization of products for European and American markets while the main assembly will be moved to Asia. Nokia says this will enable it to improve its time to market by bringing its assembly closer to component suppliers. The move is likely to affect 4,000 jobs in these three facilities. Read on…

This will be the end of an era, especially for Nokia’s Salo and Komarom plants, which have for long been manufacturing most of the high-end smartphones Nokia has ever produced. However, the move is understandable as Nokia’s resurgence depends on its ability to remain competitive in a fast growing industry where margins are continuously shrinking and moving manufacturing operations to Asia is inevitable. Nevertheless, we will surely miss the manufactured in Hungary/Finland marking on our future Nokia phones.

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