Nokia Music launched on Windows 8

Nokia Music, which so far has been available only on Nokia’s devices, is finally available for every Windows 8 and Windows RT device. The app is now available from Microsoft’s Store for free and brings unlimited music streaming from one of the most exhaustive music catalogs available after iTunes.

The app integrates Live Tile feature and allows users to download music for listening to it even in offline mode. Users can also create their own mixes, check for lyrics of songs, list up their songs in the app and look for information like biographies and images of the artists related to songs. There is a trial version of the app available to listen to music, but users are suggested to subscribe to its Music+ service in order to make the best use of the music store.

Nokia Music+ subscribers get access to high quality audio and lyrics and other features in the app, while non-subscribers can only access standard quality music and are not given other privileges. Users who already have a Nokia Music account via their Nokia phones can login with their Nokia account to get all the services.

You can download the app from here.

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