Nokia set to launch cheaper phones at MWC to counter competition from other manufacturers: Reuters

Nokia’s aim to compete with the likes of Samsung and Apple at the higher end of the smartphone market has seen it lose a considerable amount of market share to the likes of Chinese mobile makers like Huawei and ZTE and Indian mobile makers like Micromax and Lava, who sell phones with decent specs at a low price. Now according to Reuters Nokia is planning to launch cheaper phones in order to increase its share in the market and also fend off the competition.

The report doesn’t talk about which phones or at what costs would Nokia sell these less expensive phones at. But it will come as nothing less than good news to mobile users in India who’ve always trusted the Nokia brand but haven’t been able to afford a Lumia. In a price conscious market like India, this move could go a long way in ensuring a lot of people go back to buying Nokia phones.

Nokia is expected to launch the Lumia 520 alongside other high-end Lumia phones at the Mobile World Congress next week. The 520 could be could be the cheapest Lumia in the market and could very well start the trend for Nokia to develop cheaper phones and increase its market share which currently stands at a measly 5 percent.


Image Credit: Nokia Mobile Blog

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