Nokia teases its next Lumia smartphone, looks different from the Lumia 928 and has a metal chassis

Only a few days ago Nokia announced its new US flagship the Lumia 928. This new device is slimmer than the Lumia 920 and features high amplitude microphones, a larger speaker and a Xenon flash, but design wise it retains a polycarbonate body. But as we postulated this may not be the rumoured ‘Catwalk’ device on Saturday, Nokia has just posted a teaser video for its next Lumia device that is scheduled to be launched on Tuesday in London, which looks different from the Lumia 928.

The video depicts a metal chassis and larger lens and a Xenon flash and going by the teaser video we think it looks quite similar to leaked Catwalk images that we saw a few months ago. Of course, there are still no details on internal specs, but we can expect something similar to the Lumia 928 and we don’t expect it to be the rumoured EOS device with the 41-megapixel PureView camera which is rumoured to launch in July.

Either ways, Nokia’s event is just a day away and all will be revealed very soon. Stay tuned, we will be reporting live from London.


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