Nokia Treasure Tag NFC accessory and Nokia MD-12 wireless speaker launched in India, priced at Rs 2,100 and Rs 5,499


In addition to launching the Lumia 630, the Treasure Tag accessory and the Nokia wireless speaker MD-12 have also been launched in India. The NFC accessory is priced at Rs 2,100 and will be available towards the end of this month, while the wireless speakers are priced at Rs 5,499 and will be available in mid-June.

The Treasure Tag was launched in February, and is targeted at people who tend to misplace things and then have to spend time looking for it. This accessory can be connected to a Lumia smartphones via Bluetooth or NFC and requires you to download a companion app (available on the Windows Phone Store). If you are to leave behind the Treasure Tag, it will start beeping, and in case it is far enough that you can’t hear the beep, then the app will show you the device’s last known location using HERE Map.

nokia-md-12-wireless-speakersThe MD-12, on the other hand, is a tiny wireless speaker that can connect to devices via Bluetooth or NFC. In addition to playing music, the speakers also support speaker-phone functionality and according to Nokia, the speaker’s battery is good enough to last 15 hours. Like most of Nokia’s devices, the MD-12 will be available in yellow, green, orange, and white.

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