Nokia X rooted to run Play Store and Google apps


Last week at the MWC, Nokia unveiled its X-series smartphones that run on a forked version of Android. The heavily modified OS does not have Play Store and instead of Google’s suite of apps, runs Microsoft’s equivalent apps. Now though, XDA-developers member Kashamalaga has managed to root his Nokia X and modified it to run the Google Play Store and Google apps.

Kashamalaga rooted the Nokia X in five steps, and the device now runs apps like Google Now, Google Maps, and more importantly the Google Play Store. What is surprising is just how easily the developer was able to hack into the device. One of the reasons for this is because Nokia has reportedly left the application framework untouched in order to allow apps from third-party app stores work on the phone. During the unveiling, Nokia had also mentioned that the X devices will be able to run most of the Android apps without many modifications and only the ones using Google’s services would need some changes.

We should remind you that easy though it might sound; rooting a device voids the device’s warranty and is also considered to be illegal.

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