Nokia’s Nikki Barton: We are building a unified design language

Right from the very first to the latest in the portfolio, all Nokia Lumia devices are usually known for their form factor and colorful chassis, which will remain to be Nokia’s focus area in the future as well. At a recent launch event of the Lumia 720 and Lumia 520, Nikki Barton, Nokia’s vice president for smart devices, UX Design said that the company has been very particular about their Lumia smartphones and is working on creating an iconic identity on the basis of the product designs for the smartphones.

Barton revealed that Nokia is focusing on giving an identical design pattern to all their future Lumia phones and thus, are sticking to one unified design language across all their products to give a consistent feel to users and maintain an identity as well. This includes unibody design pattern which would remain common to most of the future Lumia smartphones.

There have been rumors on Nokia bringing an all metallic frame to its next Lumia smartphone codenamed Catwalk but Barton chose an easy escape and said that they have always been experimenting with the material used to build the frame to suit the design factor. For instance, Nokia uses different materials for clip-on shells and the unibody chassis. In either case, durability remains to be an important factor.

The Lumia 920 has been often criticized for its weight and thickness. “Thin and light are on our priority list but are not the only pointers to focus on. We have to make choices on design and these factors as per the features installed in the phone to deliver the best of experience,” Barton clarified.

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