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Now, Facebook tries ‘trending’ on its homepage


Facebook is on a roll. Just two months after introducing the not-so-innovative hashtags, they are now testing a trending section on the homepage. A Facebook spokesperson confirmed the test on Friday to Wall Street Journal.

This section is similar to ‘Twitter trends’ where the most discussed topics on the social networking site are displayed. The section also includes most-used hashtags apart from topics. Twitter trends are very useful to track real-time conversations on current news and events.

In the report, the spokesperson said that this feature is rolled out to only a small percentage of US users. She further added that it is too early to give out more details as the feature is in its initial stages of development.

This year, Facebook has bought out many new Twitter-like features including hashtags and embed post. The social networking site has also come out with Facebook Home, an intrusive mobile version of the site which was not well received by many.

Facebook is also rumored to be testing a service that will allow you to make online purchases through your mobile devices just by using your Facebook log-in details. This pilot system could give competition to PayPal which pioneers e-commerce right now.

Written by Tasneem Akolawala. The article first appeared here.