Nvidia details next generation chipsets, plans to add Kepler graphics to Logan; Parker to debut in 2015

Nvidia’s CEO Jen-Hsen Huang has detailed the company’s future product roadmap and revealed its next generation mobile chipset codenamed ‘Logan’ will add Kepler graphics that the company added in its x86 GPU’s last year and this chip will also support CUDA, which means that its next generation platform will have graphical capabilities that rival current PCs.

Huang also said that the chipset after Logan is called Parker, previously the company called it Stark. Parker based chips can be expected by 2015 and these chips will have a custom built 64-bit ARM CPU and a new GPU codenamed ‘Maxwell’ using its 3D transistor technology as a part of its Project Denver. Nvidia says the performance of the Parker chip will be approximately 100 times of the Tegra 2 which debuted in the LG Optimus 2X back in 2011.

On a lighter note, if one has been following Nvidia, then its mobile chipset codenames are all based on the real names of superheroes. For instance, the Tegra 3 was codenamed Kal-El, the Tegra 4 was Wayne, and the next two are Logan and Parker.

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