Oakley developing technology similar to Google Project Glass: Report

Oakley is developing wearable technology similar to Google’s Project Glass, which was unveiled last week. Bloomberg which originally reported this story quotes Oakley CEO, Colin Baden, from an interview where he says that Oakley will make comparable hardware to Google’s Project Glass.

Baden says that originally Oakley will target athletes will products based on Heads-up technology but then also revealed that his company could develop a similar product for the US Military, through its Eye Safety Systems subsidiary.

He said that this technology should work while interfacing with a smartphone using Bluetooth and also stated the device might use voice commands similar to Siri on the Apple iPhone 4S. He cited issues with optical technology to being a major barrier in the development of this technology. Oakley is not new to wearable technology – it has been retailing its Thump glasses with MP3 players, for years now.


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