Panasonic launches new Smart Viera HDTVs

Panasonic, today announced its new range of Smart Viera flat panel televisions which focus on picture quality, networking, easy operation, design and eco-friendliness. These models ranging from 24 to 55 inches are priced between Rs. 13,990 to Rs. 3,20,000.

With the Viera Connect models, Panasonic also introduced a new range of smart applications for these Smart TVs, which allow consumers to interact with their set. We went hands-on with some of these features, read on.

Swipe & Share: It allows the consumers share private contents via Viera remote App. Now one can enjoy photos, music and movies on Viera and a compatible smartphone anytime and can even display the same web pages on Viera and smart phone with ease. Panasonic has made Android and iOS versions of the app and users can just flick the content from, say an iPad using the app, directly on to a Smart Viera HDTV. This feature worked quite smoothly and could be a intuitive way of viewing content on one’s HDTV.

Browse & Share app: This app enables the browser to support HTML5 pages, so that users can browse the internet much like a PC. Frankly, this feature was a longtime coming as Smart TV offerings from Samsung, LG and Sony already had browsers. From what we saw in the demo, the system seemed to be a quite clunky, as navigation was solely dependent on the arrow keys of a keyboard, which was utilized to move the cursor. In our opinion reaching the address bar was no walk in the park and it took us almost five minutes to dial in the homepage. On the bright side, the televisions can support any Bluetooth keyboard. The demo was shown off using a Logitech keyboard.

Watch & Chat app: This enables users to stay in touch with your friends through Twitter or Facebook timeline which gets displayed on the side screen while watching TV. One could either use their smart phone or a Bluetooth compatible keyboard as a remote control for writing text. In addition to this, impressive Skype integration was shown off using a web camera.

Passive and Active 3D models: Various versions of the Smart Viera HDTVs were shown including models with passive and active 3D glasses alongside a 3D plasma HDTV as well. The passive 3D in particular seemed to be quite impressive and the passive glasses were super light and very easy on the ears. The active glasses were more of a standard affair, though we are yet to test this model in great detail.

Besides 3D content and internet connectivity, the new Smart Viera HDTVs also come with a bundle of features for a unique television viewing experience:

  • Super High Speed 1,600Hz Backlight Scanning for LED TVs
  • High efficiency LED backlight to reduce power consumption
  • Wide viewing angle – IPS LED Panel
  • Ultra fast Neo Plasma panel for sharp and crisp picture quality
  • Built in Wi-Fi

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