Perseid Meteor Shower 2014 is the subject of the latest Google doodle


The latest Google doodle is based on the Perseid Meteor Shower, which traditionally occurs between August 9 and August 13. The animated doodle shows a bunch of meteoroids zooming across the sky, while a constellation of stars form the word Google.

While there are many meteor showers throughout the year, the Perseid meteor shower is one of the brightest and astronomers and stargazers alike meet every year to watch this phenomenon. This meteor shower is named ‘Perseid’ as the flying space debris seem directed towards the constellation Perseus.

As mentioned above, traditionally, the meteor shower occurs between August 9 and August 13. This year astronomers predict that the showers will peak before dawn on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. It is said that one can view up to 100 meteors in an hour if you are viewing the shower from a sufficiently dark place.

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