PulseOn introduces sleek, wearable heartbeat monitor

PulseOn heartbeat moniter

Finnish start up PulseOn has developed a small, easy to use wristband intended for athletes and fitness enthusiasts looking for personalized cardiac rhythm tracking data.

The device, which eliminates the need for chest accessories such as belts and electrodes, has become available for pre-order at $169 via a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and is set to retail at $199. Shipping is expected in September. The PulseOn monitor was conceptualized by CEO Tero Mennander, a former Nokia executive, who recruited an advanced technological team to complete the product.

Like other devices of its kind, it offers wireless connectivity to iOS and other Android applications, although Mennander says it provides more personalized feedback. It provides virtual coaching with the goal of optimizing workouts between warm-ups, active training and recovery. ”Unlike other heart rate monitors currently available on the market, PulseOn goes beyond just tracking. It provides meaningful context around what the heart rate means and how training or specific workouts can be optimized,” said Mennander.

It claims to be the smallest wristworn cardiac monitor on the market so far. ”PulseOn is designed for people who exercise in cardio-intensive sports and want to understand the effect that their training has on their body better. It’s small and stylish, and provides accurate continuous heart rate measurements.

A key driver of our development has been to provide superior comfort and usability to heart rate monitoring,” continued Mennander. Among the sensor technologies included in the device are LEDs and photodetectors that illuminate the skin and measure blood flow.

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