> > Qualcomm demoes Snapdragon 805 features it will showcase at CES

Qualcomm demoes Snapdragon 805 features it will showcase at CES


Back in November last year, Qualcomm announced the Snapdragon 805 chipset that will be available at markets in the first half of this year. Earlier today, Qualcomm uploaded a few demo videos on YouTube showing the features on the latest SoC, which it will showcase at CES next week.

The features shown by Qualcomm are Chroma Flash, Action Shot, OptiZoom and an Ultra Sound NotePad. Starting with Chroma Flash, which makes the phone’s camera click two photos in quick succession— one with flash and one without— and then merge those both to offer a result that doesn’t look over exposed. Action Shot will let users select an object in the frame and the camera lens will follow it around the frame so that it is never out of focus.

OptiZoom again will let users select an object and again the camera lens will automatically adjust the zoom as it is moved around in the frame. Finally, Qualcomm will also unveil a new ultrasound-based stylus tech that will let one use regular pens to draw on a paper and the device will use microphones to pick the sound of pen on paper and process that image or text onto the device. Qualcomm will be demoing all these features at its booth during CES.

To remind you, the new chipset features the latest Krait 450 quad-core CPU that can be clocked up to 2.5GHz, Adreno 420 GPU and will power next-generation smartphones and tablets that will be able to capture 4K video and also sport 4K (Ultra HD) displays themselves.