RCom confirms iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C 2-year contract plan, promises true unlimited usage


RCom has confirmed last night’s news about selling the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S on a 2-year contract in India. Users will be able to pick up the 16GB variants of the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S without any downpayment on a Rs 2,599 and Rs 2,999 monthly plan with a 2-year commitment. Users will have to pay a downpayment of Rs 11,600 for the iPhone 5C 32GB variant, Rs 10,992 for iPhone 5S 32GB and Rs 19,992 for iPhone 5S 64GB variants.

The biggest deal, however, is that RCom is promising true unlimited usage including voice calls across the country across all carriers and unlimited 3G data with no FUP caps. “Anything that you can do with the new iPhones in India, it will be included in the plan,” an RCom spokesperson told BGR India. Essentially RCom is suggesting that unless a user makes international calls or goes roaming internationally, there will be no extra charges levied.

RCom has tied up with leading credit card issuers who will automatically credit the monthly payment from the user’s credit card account. This makes it easier for RCom to ensure it does not lose revenue even if the subscriber unlocks the iPhone and uses it on a different carrier.

Updated at 13:12 IST with new downpayment details.

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