RCom’s iPhone 5 3G data plans revealed


As expected, the iPhone 5 is live on RCom, which the company will officially announce via a press release later today. We now have a detailed list of plans that RCom is offering to new iPhone users who come on to its network. At the moment, it isn’t clear whether the plans are for the CDMA or GSM variant of the iPhone 5, considering RCom operates networks on both technologies. RCom is giving users free access to Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp for three months and is also offering some cheap data plans. Read on for complete details.

The cheapest plan has a monthly fee of Rs 304 that will give users 2GB of 3G data along with Rs 100 worth of calls. The next plan for Rs 504 a month would give Rs 200 worth of calls and 3GB of 3G data while Rs 804 a month would double it to Rs 400 of calls and 6GB of 3G data. The top-end plan will cost Rs 1,004 a month and offers Rs 500 worth of calls and 10GB of 3G data, which roughly translates into Rs 100/GB.

RCom is also giving prices of the iPhone 5, which are the same as the prices Apple announced at the time of launch of the iPhone 5. RCom will also be retailing the devices via its stores. Buyers also get a choice to pick up a premium number for free if they buy an iPhone 5 within three days from today.

Watch this space for more as we scramble to get more details.

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