Reliance launches Whatsapp plan, offers unlimited Whatsapp use for Rs 16/month

Reliance Communications today announced a special Whatsapp plan, the first for any Indian carrier. The plan gives subscribers free access to Whatsapp for Rs 16 every month. For a limited period, users of Whatsapp plan will also get access to Facebook for free. Reliance GSM subscribers can subscribe to the ‘WhatsApp Plan, by sending a SMS “WA” or “WhatsApp” or “FB” or “Facebook” to 53739.

Whatsapp is an IM service that integrates with the user’s phonebook, enabling them to send messages over a data connection to anyone who’s on Whatsapp till the time they know the recipient’s phone number. The service is already being touted as an alternative to BlackBerry Messenger while BlackBerry users often call it ‘poor man’s BBM’.

It is quite interesting to see a carrier offer a cheap Whatsapp tariff plan considering the service was claimed to be anti-carriers as it ate into their text messaging revenues. We have a hunch that this is just the beginning for Whatsapp’s affair with Indian carriers and users. Watch this space for more.

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  • Siddharth

    Great move for a price sensitive market!! :)

    • Manoj Vanigota

      Can anyone say me in this plan roaming are free or not as in internet plan roaming are free in reliance

  • Chetan Bhagat

    Why pay 16 a month when it’s 1$ (50-55) for a year! This is loot.

    • Manav

      Stupid, Whatsapp is 1$ for 1 year, but how you will log in in whats app without data plan.

  • Karan

    Is this a joke? Whatsapp is FREE on Blackberry,Samsung and Sony(Anroid) and all other anroid phones, Cost only one time .99 cents=Rs.55 on Iphone and could be used forever.


    • Karan

      * android! :P

    • JC

      This is a data plan, not app price. On buying this pack, whatsapp usage on 3G/2G is free.

      The question is – Rajat – does this include international roaming for Whatsapp too?

  • aarti

    “WA” or “WhatsApp” or “FB” or “Facebook” to 53739.

    why dis application is not responding????????????

  • Atul Bansal

    hi all
    i am having an issue with this plan .
    As i have top up my rel. no. wid 25 rs and 16 gt deducted as watsapp. charges and still i am unable to njoy this service.

    • Adu Guled

      keep it in rcomwap

      • Arvind Sharma

        there is no such option
        only rcomnet
        and rcomms are there in android 2.3.6 gingerbread.ddmf4

  • bharat

    does this pack work on android

    • Adu Guled


  • JRJ

    which access point to use ??
    rcomwap or rcomnet

  • Arvind Sharma

    is special type of internet setting is necessary to activate this plan,because I have activated this but still my balance goes on frequent deductions :(

  • arjun