RIM opens app submissions for developers before Q1 BB10 launch

RIM has opened application submissions for developers so that their BlackBerry 10 (BB10) applications can be on the BlackBerry App world ahead of the Q1 2013 launch of BB10. This basically means that developers who submit an app now will be ready to publish their apps when RIM launches BB10 in the first quarter of 2013.

Developers have been getting a hang of the new OS after RIM distributed its latest Dev Alpha hardware to developers and showed off many features of the new platform in the BlackBerry Jam Americas developer conference.

To further gain traction, RIM says developers who submit apps today may be eligible for the built for BlackBerry program and if they get the certification they will be eligible for the 10K developer commitment. The 10k developer commitment ensures that RIM pays any difference between the developer’s app earnings and $10,000 for certain apps.

RIM is also promising to review all applications submitted in October and November and provide them with preferred carousel placements to increase their visibility.

All this does not only show the level of desperation RIM is suffering from, but also highlights the importance of applications for a platform. No matter how good the platform may be, if there are no apps then chances are it will be a dud. Prime example of this chicken and egg problem is Windows Phone 7.5.

RIM will probably release BB10 in March 2013, and it has already opened submissions for apps, which means that it will have at least 3 months of head start before Q1, to pack the BlackBerry App world with apps. Will it work? Only time will tell.

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