RIP, MacBook – the Air takes over!

Even while all the announcements about the pumped up MacBook Air and Mac Minis were being made by Apple yesterday, a subtle message was missed by some people, but not by everyone – the MacBook is now history. Yep, the entry level white plastic Mac notebook will no longer be available to consumers, although educational institutions will still be able to purchase it (shades of the original iMac, remember?). Honestly, we cannot say we are too surprised, given the rapidly falling price of the MacBook Air. The latest version of the MacBook Air, in fact, costs lesser than the last MacBook. Now, if you go to the MacBook page, you will no longer see the notebook that Apple called “the notebook for everyone.” An era endeth. Fortunately, a new one begins as the new MacBook Air is more than a worthy successor. We are still going to stand and observe a minute’s silence, though. RIP, MacBook. You might not have possessed an aluminum build, but you were awesome.

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