Rumor has it: Android Jellybean coming this summer, will play nice with Windows 8 tablets

Take this one with a rock of salt but the hit-and-miss reporters at DigiTimes are claiming Google will reveal Android Jellybean as early as second quarter of this year. The report claims the low adoption of Android Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) and the impending launch of Windows 8 could be the reason behind the move. And there is more – Google will appeal to its hardware partners to provide dual-boot options for their upcoming Windows 8 tablets. Google, the report says, is working on integrating Chrome OS’s dual-boot feature into Android to accomplish this task and users won’t have to reboot their tablets to change the OS.

We have our reasons to doubt the legitimacy of this report. Android ICS devices are just starting to trickle and it is too early to dismiss the OS as a failure. The dual-boot option with Windows 8 would indicate Google has accepted defeat and is desperate, which isn’t the sort of thing that boosts partner confidence.

Then stranger things have happened in this biz (remember webOS and MeeGo?) and we won’t dismiss it right off the bat either.


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