Rumor has it: Some BlackBerry Bold 9900 keys coming off, defective OEM holster to blame

There are phases in everyone’s life when nothing goes according to plan and everything just falls apart. RIM is going through that phase right now. Word on the Internet (along with a photo) has it that BlackBerry Bold 9900 users are facing serious issues with their phone’s keypad and in worst case scenario some keys simply fall out over time. Thankfully, there is nothing wrong with the hardware itself but it is the OEM holster that is supplied with the phone that is defective. If the screen grab received by Mobilesyrup is legit, it turns out that holsters supplied with Bold 9900 units before November 3 have a folded edge on the inside where keys might get stuck while inserting the phone at certain angles. This poses a risk of the key coming off all together if the user uses excessive force to remove the phone. The document states RIM has corrected the design of the holster and has been supplying the new holster with phones manufactured post November 3. On its part, RIM is rumored to be extending warranty of affected phones to 18 months.

Again, we cannot confirm the legitimacy of this information and have reached out to RIM India for an official statement. We will update this post if and when we hear from the company. There is no hardware defect with the Bold 9900 and there MIGHT be a problem with some holsters.


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