Samsung announces world’s first vacuum tube soundbar at CES, and more

Last year, Samsung unveiled a strange product at CES, an iPod dock that had vacuum tubes inside it. The product, the DA-E750 was particularly strange because normally an iPod Dock would pack-in a lot of digital circuitry and vacuum tubes are analog, but they are also known for their warm open sound that audiophiles love. This time around, Samsung has expanded its vacuum tube technology to a home-theater sound-bar, the HW-F750, which also becomes the world’s first of its kind product to leverage vacuum tubes.

Other than this, Samsung also unveiled an entire line-up of audio goodies that include a Bluetooth speaker, a 7.1-channel 1,330-Watt home-theater and a new premium Blu-Ray player, the BD-F7500.

The HW-F750 can also hook up to a TV via Bluetooth, so in a way it marries the best of the digital and the analog world. The DA-F60 Bluetooth speaker, on the other hand, uses the apt-X codec to stream audio over Bluetooth that ensures good audio fidelity and it can also sync up to NFC enabled smartphones as it has NFC built-in. Samsung is also an AirPlay like technology of its own that’s based on Bluetooth which it calls SoundShare.

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