Samsung ATIV One 5 Style AIO announced, it’s a Windows 8 PC with the Galaxy design language


Have you imagined a massive All-in-One computer that has the same curvy design language as Samsung’s Galaxy range of Android smartphones? No? Well, then Samsung has flummoxed all of us out here as it has announced the ATIV One 5 Style which is basically a Windows 8 All-in-One computer that brandishes the Galaxy smartphone design language. Essentially, the massive 21.-5-inch screen is a blown up Galaxy smartphone screen in terms of looks.

Under the hood, of course, it’s a completely different animal and strives to compete with the iMac than anything else. It has a massive 21.5-inch 1080p touch screen, which is just perfect for Windows 8, and it is powered by an AMD A6 quad-core CPU and 4GB of RAM, which should give it ample grunt for most homely tasks, and some more.

It comes with a bevy of expansion ports in its posterior and also comes preloaded with Samsung’s SlideSync software and is a Home Sync Lite which means that it acts like the users personal cloud and users can sync up and gather data from the machine via their mobile devices.

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