Samsung claims to have sold 30 million Galaxy S IIIs worldwide

Approximately two months ago Samsung said that it had sold 20 million Galaxy SIIIs in about two months. Two months later, Samsung’s Polish arm has posted on its Twitter page that Samsung has sold over 30 million Galaxy SIII smartphones since its May unveil.
While they do not specify shipped or sold units, we are assuming they are talking about sold units. We are not entirely impressed with these figures considering it had reached the 20 million mark in the first two months and the rate of growth has definitely slowed down.

Having said that, numerous factors have contributed to this slow down in growth, amongst which the Apple iPhone 5 tops the list. The iPhone 5 itself sold 5 million units in the first weekend. Additionally, consumers are now being bombarded with a number of top of the line smartphones this season with the likes of the Google Nexus 4, Nokia Lumia 920, Samsung Galaxy Note II, HTC One X+ and HTC 8X being available.

Bluntly put, consumers are spoilt for choice and when the Galaxy S III made its entry, it was clearly unchallenged in terms of specs and went up against an ageing iPhone 4S, and a struggling HTC that had launched the One X.

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