Samsung could launch Galaxy S IV Mini and a Galaxy Watch alongside the Galaxy S IV: Report

Mobile fans and experts around the world have their eyes set on Samsung, as the South Korean company is preparing to launch its next flagship device the Samsung Galaxy S IV in the coming months at a special event. But the folks at SamMobile now claim that according to some unnamed sources, Samsung is also preparing to launch two other devices at the event alongside the S IV, namely the Galaxy S IV Mini and the Galaxy Watch.

The Galaxy S IV Mini, just like the previously launched Galaxy S III Mini, will most probably be a scaled-down version of the Galaxy S IV. The S IV Mini codenamed Serrano, will use most of the accessories present on the big brother, but will miss out on a couple of features say like wireless charging, which will help keep the price down.

The Galaxy Watch codenamed the Fortius, on the other hand will most likely be competing with the rumored Apple smartwatch we reported about recently. Though there is no other information available on this smartwatch, it is said to be compatible with an arm-band, bike mount, and pouch and we can expect it to run on the Android platform.

It has been noted that this entire launch cycle is part of Project J and under this Samsung has also planned multiple accessories for the three products. As of now rumors suggest that Samsung could be planning an event on March 15 and this is where all three products could be launched.


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