Samsung facing manufacturing issues with Pebble Blue Galaxy S III

Earlier in the day we reported that the Samsung Galaxy S III would go on sale in India on May 31st itself, the day Samsung will officially unveil the device in India, however in only Marble White. And adding cadence to our report, the guys at our also reporting a similar situation with the Telecom NZ preorders, and other retailers who have told them that the Pebble Blue will only come by mid-june.

Furthermore, their sources have confirmed that there is production issue with the color matching process of the back casing on the Pebble Blue model and for the time being production has been ceased, till the issue has been resolved.

The report also states that the problem is not restricted to New Zealand that buyers in Thailand and Malaysia are also facing similar problems and even in Dubai where the device is on sale, only the Marble White model is available.

Even dutch tech site have joined the party, and they are reporting that Samsung Benelux PR Manager Vivian Peters has confirmed this and the company has destroyed 600,000 rear casings, but claims that adjustments have been made to the production and no delays are expected.

And finally Samsung has also come clean with this report on its Swedish Facebook page and have confirmed the AndroidNz report.


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