Samsung Galaxy S III to have quad-core Exynos chip with integrated LTE: Report

Well it seems like the Samsung Galaxy S III rumor mill ceases to stop. Earlier in the day we had reported that an image of the device had popped up on Reddit and now comes the news courtesy Korea Times that the eagerly anticipated device will feature a quad-core Exynos processor which will integrate a LTE radio.

For long LTE radios have remained a Qualcomm exclusive as a deluge of devices powered by Nvidia Tegra or Texas Instruments OMAP based chips have ended up using Qualcomm chips in the US to incorporate LTE radios. Samsung has cleverly managed to develop its own LTE radio and has even previously used it in the LTE variant of the Galaxy Nexus, which used a Texas Instruments processor stack. If the company has managed to integrate the LTE radio with its latest quad-core chip which supposedly is being built on a 32nm process, then Samsung smartphones will have a decisive advantage over smartphones using SOCs from third party vendors and will perhaps also boast of superior reliability in terms of performance.


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