Samsung Galaxy S IV receives review treatment hours before launch, revealed to have Pentile display

Earlier in the day we reported that images of the Samsung Galaxy S IV were leaked by Chinese website IT168, and now it turns out it has posted a full in-depth review of the device just about five hours before the launch.

In the review it has been revealed that the S IV uses a Pentile pixel arrangement for the 1080p display and the performance of the camera is supposedly very good falling just short of the iPhone 5.

They even tried testing the phones durability by scratching its sides and display. The screen quality has been praised highly and a number of rumored features like Smart Scroll have been confirmed.

Notably, according to the post the build quality has been substantially ramped up and people will be able to call it a ‘premium’ device for the first time. The review also has details on the performance of Samsung’s new chipset which apparently is quite the speed demon.

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