Samsung Galaxy S5 buyers get Rs 5,000 worth of eStore vouchers


Samsung has announced an offer, those who buy a Galaxy S5 from the India eStore will be entitled to a free voucher worth Rs 5,000. This voucher can then be redeemed on any Samsung mobile, tablet, accessory or wearable device from the official online store.

Once you buy a Galaxy S5 off the eStore, Samsung will send you a SMS with the coupon code within 72 hours of activating the device. To redeem the coupon, you will need to enter the code when purchasing any product. This coupon can only be used once, so if you were to buy anything worth less Rs 5,000, the rest of the amount will be forfeited. This offer is valid till May 31, and the coupon should be redeemed before June 15.

The Galaxy S5 is available for Rs 51,500 on the eStore, which is Rs 2,821 more than what you can buy from Flipkart. On the day HTC One (M8) was launched in India, the price of Samsung’s flagship device dropped to Rs 46,881 on Flipkart. But after Samsung denied any official price cut, it shot up to the current Rs 48,679.

In the middle of all this, it is the regular brick and mortar retailers that are bearing the brunt. Neither can they offer low prices as Flipkart nor do they get to offer buyers Rs 5,000 worth of freebies with the Galaxy S5. It remains to be seen how Samsung takes care of their concerns.

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