Samsung Galaxy S5 now available for Rs 39,925


Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S5 has now been spotted retailing for much lower than its official launch price of Rs 51,500 in India. The phone is now available for Rs 39,925 on Snapdeal, or about 21 percent less than its official price, TOI reports. Samsung’s online store is however selling the phone at its launch price only.

Since the launch of the Galaxy S5, the phone has got a substantial price cut on various ecommerce stores, though the company has not announced any official price cut. Within a few days of the launch of the phone, its price was slashed down to Rs 47,000 on Flipkart, after which the company cleared it in an official note that it had not cut down the price of its flagship smartphone. However, the price of the phone fell further down to Rs 42,415 on the same retail store.

Samsung recently announced a buyback offer on the phone, under which the Galaxy S5 is available at a rebate of Rs 7,500 on trading in another phone for the Galaxy S5, which brings its price to Rs 44,000. In addition to that the company also announced a Rs 5,000 voucher for buying accessories worth the price from Samsung’s eStore.

Recently, BGR India had exclusively reported that brick and mortar store owners have not been pleased with the company’s buyback offer and addition value added schemes. In fact, a contingent of retailers has already reached out to the company for finding out a solution for its pricing issues, which include its price on online retail stores as well.

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